1)  The quality of our work.

  • Your people will enjoy working with us!
  • Our workshops are lively, participative and challenging
  • We focus on lasting, not superficial change
  • We are known for our flexibility and human style of working.

2)  Our methodology and proven track record for results.

  • We strongly believe in a thorough pre-training briefing and orientation to ensure you get a tailored programme that meets your specific needs – not an ‘off the shelf’ training course – and that the staff attending the training have a chance to meet us and have their questions answered face to face before the programme begins.
  • We strongly believe in post-training coaching to ensure your money is well spent and that your people achieve the standards set during the classroom-style training days.

3)  Wealth of experience in training and customer management.

  • All our lead trainers and assistant trainers have a proven track record of delivering high quality programmes that achieve the results intended.

4)  Competitive pricing.

  • Given the results we achieve we like to think we are very competitively priced next to the major consultancies that work in this area.
  • Many of our consultants come from a background of working for some of the major consultancies where daily rates are 40% greater than we charge.

You save up to 40% on those rates for the same, if not better results achieved – and with the kind of ‘personal touch’ you rarely get from one of the major consultancies!