National Training Award winning training programme.

One of our team designed and implemented (with the aid of a small training and consultancy team) an in-house training programme for 150 telephone based staff.

This programme won a National Training Award.

Essential features of the programme:

  • Organizational needs analysis
  • Competency framework development (a skills matrix that identified 4 basic competency levels and up to 20 different skill requirements).
  • Current competency level analysis for all participating staff
  • Training programme objectives set (in line with organizational requirements)
  • Training programme designed to meet competency level requirements
  • Delivering key communication, management, customer service and sales modules
  • Measurement tools designed to evaluate progress
  • Results fed back into organization requirements
  • Feedback used to redesign the programme where needed.

Key outcomes:

  • Recruitment, staff turnover and competency targets achieved
  • The establishment of a structured approach to developing staff
  • The establishment of an agreed and accepted 4-level competency matrix