The council was in the process of streamlining their IT functionality and wanted to ensure that debt transferred to the new IT system was both accurate and collectable.

They had a quantity of ‘sensitive’ debt that they needed to collect but did not wish to use an agency due to concern regarding the way in which the debt may be collected.

They wanted to train up a team of staff internally to be able to systematically and proactively telephone clients to determine the accuracy of the data they held and where possible collect monies owed.

Key features of the programme:

  • Full briefing
  • Design and preparation of the training materials
  • Orientation briefing for delegates
  • Two day classroom-style ‘arrears’ training
  • One day ‘management’ training (for team leaders)
  • Coaching and assessment for the arrears collection staff
  • Coaching for the team leaders
  • Evaluation and awarding of certificates


  • £50,400 promises to pay within first 20 days telephoning
  • Standardised call guidelines and monitoring system now in place
  • Dedicated team now set-up to call ‘sensitive’ cases.

Comments from delegates:

“I learned how to stay in control of the conversation and sort out a definite payment arrangement that people would stick to”

“I didn’t realise how easy it is to give off conflicting/negative signals without knowing that you are doing so”

“Very engaging training – thanks”

“The style of the training was great – relaxed, funny and lively – but at the same time thorough, informative and professional”

“I learned that I can actually learn new ways of doing things!”