Our Consultants and Trainers:

Most of our work can be delivered by James or Steve but where numbers demand we can call on the services of up to twenty other fully accredited trainers and consultants covering an extensive range of skills.

All our people are known for their flexibility and professionalism.

We make sure that you meet with all the consultants and trainers who may be involved with your project to ensure that you are completely happy with the team we have put together for you.


James Morgan.

After a successful career in Education (Head of the Biology department at a London comprehensive School) James joined a major customer management consultancy where he soon became a senior people development consultant.

It was during his time at this consultancy where he won a National Training Award for a Contact centre based training programme he designed and implemented (see NTA case history).

James subsequently began to focus more of his attention in the arrears collection field.

After a management buy-out in 1995 he worked as a free-lance training consultant for several years before creating Action on Arrears with Steve Shellabear in 2006.

Personal statement:

“Collecting arrears has to be one of the least glamorous jobs out there – and many people working in Revenues areas don’t realise what a tremendous impact they have through the way they contact and speak to people who are behind with their bills.

I find it extremely rewarding to be able to help people build their confidence when making out-bound collections telephone calls – and to learn that the trick – if there is one – is to get through to people in a very down-to-earth and respectful way – that there is no need to be unkind or threatening.

In my experience pretty much everybody I  speak to wants to pay their bills and tend to be very happy if they can come to an honest arrangement to pay what they owe.  The challenge is to win people over and get them to see that you are there to help them sort out the problem – not to give them unnecessary grief”

Full CV details are available upon request.


Steve Shellabear

Steve is a founding member of Action on Arrears and has a wealth of practical experience in arrears collections skills training.  He has worked extensively with credit collection teams in Finance, Utilities and the Public sector since the early 1990s.

He has also international experience with clients in India, Malaysia, Nigeria, Sweden, Saudi Arabia and UAE.

Personal statement:

“Debt for most of us is a fact of life. In reality, to use debt responsibly is a modern day business necessity.  As consumers, the same applies if we are to purchase  a car or buy our own homes but it’s how you handle debt that makes the difference.

Looking at what happens in business, I’ve found that many organisations seem to operate on a fine balance between controlling their costs and maintaining cash flow to keep in the black.  When it goes out of kilter due to non payment real problems arise.  What can be surprising is how quickly a situation can get out of control unless it is addressed.

With the amount of cheap credit that has been available combined with ever increasing life style aspirations and social pressures it’s not really surprising that a consumer culture of spend, spend, spend has evolved.

As has been noted in the media, with the effects of the ‘credit crunch’, rising fuel and food costs now being felt by most people – those chickens are coming home to roost.

Over the next few years it looks like difficult times are here for many companies and individuals but I know a lot of pain can be avoided if the right debt management strategies and collections activities are put in place.”

Full CV details are available upon request.