Here is the latest feedback from delegates:

(all delegates that attended are listed and quoted exactly as written – unedited apart from the odd spelling correction….)

From Helen:  The course was different to a lot of courses I have been on in the past as there was a lot of group interaction.  The training was kept interesting as we were asked to work with different people.

From Natalie:  Very useful.  Definitely will benefit from it.  The activities and team work was fun.

From Louise:  I have found the course very interesting and I think what I have learnt in the two days I have been here will benefit me greatly now and in the future.

From Mike:  This was a well structured but informal 2-day course where James shared a number of new ideas with the group as well as explaining his love of hamsters.  I felt I gained a lot from the course and will benefit from using these ideas.

From Lin:  Good, interesting, held attention, thoughts to take away and hopefully use in everyday work.

From Camille:  I really enjoyed this course as it was fun and you were involved all the time!  Even some of the simple things you thought you knew were analysed and corrected.  To sound better for our telephone conversations.  I hate roles play and recording my voice but I found this very useful.

Richard:  The course was much better than I thought.  It gave a clear structure to calls, chasing debtors that was easy to follow and pointed out aspects of such conversations which I hadn’t thought of before.  Each stage was clear and precise.  Many thanks, Richard.

Colin:  Good course, more interesting than I expected.  Moved at the right pace and involved everyone preventing boredom.  I found it useful and picked up some helpful hints.

Kieron:  I found this course interesting and fast paced.  Unlike most courses where I am clock watching!  The time just flew by, I believe I have taken away some very useful information.

(no name given):  I thought it was much better than expected.  I have benefited from the course by learning some new ways to look at things and do things.  I am going to see what happens when I put them into practice.  Thank you very much.

Isham (Team Leader):  An excellent course.  High-energy, fun and very useful.  Better than any other course I have been on.