The Council wanted to improve the skills of an established team working on Sundry debt – including increasing their ability to make proactive calls to ‘sensitive cases’.

They also wanted to train up their Council Tax team to be able to make proactive collections telephone calls where so far they had not.

The programme:

  • Full briefing
  • Design and preparation of the training materials
  • Orientation briefing for delegates
  • Two one-day classroom-style ‘arrears’ trainings
  • Half day ‘management’ training (for managers)
  • Coaching and assessment for the arrears collection staff
  • Coaching for the team leaders
  • Evaluation and awarding of certificates


  • Both teams now have an established coaching structure in place.
  • The Council Tax team are now making proactive telephone calls to post committal warning and L.O default cases.
  • Initial results (from the live coaching sessions) show a promises to pay ratio of 92% on L.O default cases.
  • Call guidelines now in place to ensure a consistent approach when using the telephone.