The Housing Trust had an experienced team that was performing well – but wished to improve the effectiveness of their proactive telephone collection skills.

Clients split into three distinct groups – leaseholders who were very articulate in their demands – current tenants where 70% are currently on benefits – and previous tenants where less pressure to pay was available  – tailoring the training was therefore critical.

The Programme:

  • On-site briefing and orientation for delegates
  • Design and preparation of the training materials
  • Classroom-style ‘arrears collections skills’ training
  • Live-call coaching for the collections team
  • Live-call coaching skills training for Team Leaders


  • Client delighted with how the team took to the programme especially the live-call coaching
  • The team now have an established coaching structure in place
  • Significant improvements in outbound collections call technique has been noticed – more ‘assertive’ and proactive in their style now – which early results confirm
  • Call guidelines now in place to ensure a consistent approach when using the telephone.