Reading Borough Council came to us to get help enabling staff to feel more confident in being able to make out-bound arrears collections calls.

Up to now staff had the confidence to take in-bound calls but were hesitant to make out-bound calls for fear of the reaction this might evoke from people they contacted.

The full set of objectives were as follows:

  • Increase collections rates
  • Cut down unnecessary delays in collecting money
  • Have staff be more proactive rather than reactive
  • Increase first-call-resolution
  • Reduce the number of contacts before payment is made
  • Send less cases to the bailiffs
  • Ensure full customer details are obtained early on in the process
  • Increase the number of immediate payments over the telephone
  • Reduce the number of means-forms sent out
  • Have staff better equipped to deal with the ‘I can’t afford it’ excuse.

After discussions with Action on Arrears they undertook the following training programme:

  • Briefing meeting
  • On-site research
  • Orientation session for all delegates
  • Tailoring the material and producing all the training materials
  • A two day Arrears collection training for nine Recovery team members
  • A two-day Arrears collection training for nine Billing team members
  • Two, one-day collections trainings for the eighteen contact centre staff
  • ‘Live-call’ coaching and accreditation for all delegates
  • Management/coaching training for five team leaders.

Client Quote:

“We have found the training Action on Arrears carried out for us invaluable.  We are often offered training packages out of the box, but this was entirely different.

Action on Arrears understood what we wanted to achieve, shared our goals and dreams and tailored their training to suit us not them.

It was so refreshing to work with a training provider who understood our client base and the problems we faced as a local authority chasing arrears.

I would highly recommend them to any other revenues service.

Kirsty Anderson, Head Of Revenues, Reading Borough Council.